our manifesto
by thierry teyssier
Time is too precious to simply let pass by.
The world is too rich to settle for the images that commodify modern travel.

So many new places to explore, so many thrills to experience, so many cultures to discover…

It’s time to invent a new way of exploring the world, more curious, more open to other cultures, more responsible and sustainable, more enriching, more humane.

These are the terms of our commitment, a commitment that sets the scene for an unforgettable, unique journey with a strong focus on the human factor.
A different journey that reflects your most heartfelt desires
Granting access to far-off cultures, allowing you to discover and experience different ways of life.

Customizing your trip so it reflects your desires and allows you to take in the world’s beauty at your own pace.

Orchestrating unforgettable moments, tailored to your interests, for you to enjoy in private with your loved ones.

This is our commitment to you.
A timeless, everlasting voyage
The memory of these magical moments will become a never-ending source of inspiration.

These moments of grace are even sweeter when remembered and shared.

We wish to make a record of your voyages throughout the year, to ensure that these moments become eternal, rather than merely fleeting and impermanent.
An enriching journey for all
This experience can only be fully satisfactory if each person involved, regardless of his or her role in the ecosystem, has the opportunity to learn, grow, share and thrive in this community dynamic.

Fondation Epic, Institut Paul Bocuse and Migrants du Monde are partners of 700,000 Hours as part of this commitment.
A living community that is changing the rules of the travel sector
Each voyage is a discovery of other ways of life and an opportunity for mutual growth.

Shared experiences and values form strong bonds and nourish our motivation to work together.

We have created the Amazirs’ Circle, or free men’s circle, to maintain and foster these bonds. This circle, which brings together seekers of the extraordinary, shall be formed as connections are made, allowing us to fully realize our ability to change the world and reveal its beauty.

With 700,000 Hours, I have decided that we can be the change we wished to see in the world.

We have decided to make this first wandering hotel our personal project.

Would you like to come spend a few hours with us?