house opening on april 2020
Japan, destination of The Unexpected, home of mysterious mountains and forests, enchanting ancient temples, archipelagos and tropical waters, and surprising traditional gastronomy...
Have you ever tried catching floating noodles with chopsticks?
Have you ever pounded rice to make mochi? Or sculpted elegant ice cubes for your cocktail?
Are you ready to go in search of a hidden bar in the heart of the village?
Or to create your own Japanese garden?
Surely you will enjoy discovering tea culture, but you’ll also be introduced to the world of sake, Japanese whiskey and yuzu alcohol!
These tastings will be a perfect complement to the workshops that you will participate in: calligraphy or manga class, incense game, painting masks or flower arrangement, fire or lantern ceremonies...
Once again, the gastronomy will be the highlight in our experience. We have organized a chef residency, to welcome several chefs during our opening. They will share with you the history of Japan through their recipes.
Then, you will discover the sublime landscapes of Japan: the wonderful and intense coast or the imposing mountains.
You will meditate in Koyasan and visit Ine’s fish market...
...take a boat ride around the Island of the Gods...
...or a walk in Japan's most famous cemetery: Okunoin.
Local festivals will be our inspiration to create special seasonal sceneries during your journey with us.

We really look forward to creating these experiences for you.
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