From December 20, 2019 and during a period of 6 weeks, 700'000 heures offers you two exceptional rooms to privatize the time of your stay. The entire 700’000heures team is already at work to welcome you. Beyond the service and attentions, there will be surprises everyday.
700’000 heures has the immense honor and privilege to propose you for the end of this year celebrations, in preview, Fiermontina Vendome.

During each day spent together, we will organize for you an exceptional moment: it will be unusual and exclusive private visits, meetings or extraordinary tastings. Each time, the secret will be kept until the end and you will never know where we will take you (a museum that opens its doors at night, a Chef who welcomes you in his kitchen, etc ...). We will have simply asked you the day before, to reserve a time slot in your day.

We wish you an excellent autumn and look forward to seeing you in Parisin a few months before welcoming you in Japan!
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