house opens in november 2018
What will be your way to visit the temples of Angkor? To discover as much as possible? To
check one by one the treasures on your temple ‘to do’ list? Or are you a hedonist looking for solitude amidst the ancestral stones? Whatever your way, I can assure you
emotions at every rendezvous.
Hanchey House, your traditional Khmer house in the heart of Siem Reap
A tuk-tuk ride transforms simple trip in real adventure!
Meet the archaeological teams in charge of the restoration of the temples at Angkor and visit jewels not open to the public with the eyes of the world’s greatest experts.
On the edge of the Royal Srah Srang Basin is a traditional village. In the middle of the village, 700'000 hours offers you a haven of peace : a traditional house in the middle of nature. 
Discover Cambodian countryside
Getting lost in a Khmer market is intoxicating happiness! Shimmering colors, a whirlwind of noises, cries and laughter, dozens of unknown products. The tasting can begin!
A floating house on Tonle Sap Lake, at the entrance of a nature reserve that we will enter by boat to observe rare birds at dawn.
A traditional boat to collect water hyacinthes...
...Learn how to braid them. This will be easy stuff for you at the end of the day !
An aperitif at sunset
An oxcart ride and a lunch in the middle of rice fields
One day at Phare Ponleu Selpak circus, "The Lights of the Arts", whose students from Beaux-Arts department made all these watercolors.
An exceptional dinner and a night near a temple. What secrets will these stones reveal in the light of candles and torches?
Impossible to let you leave without taking you one last time to a temple.
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